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What is Chipi?

CHIPI is your personal cloud search engine. Access to all your content - no matter what cloud it is on - just a few keystrokes away. But Chipi does not only search, it can connect, search, do and help.

What does Chipi stand for?

CHIPI stands for Common Human Interaction Platform Interface.

Why are we building Chipi?

In the early days the cloud was about freedom, suddenly you were able to access all of your data from anywhere and on any device. It also allowed you to collaborate with your teammates in real time. More importantly, it was fast and easy.

But not anymore.

Now those of us working from the cloud can spend large amounts of time looking for content. Where was that note again? Slack? Hangouts? Drive? Gmail? Or was it a Trello card? Jira perhaps? CHIPI is about bringing the joy back to your cloud experience. Bringing access to all your content back to one place - CHIPI.