Partridge Jewellers New Website Design

Partridge Jewellers came to us with a brief to completely redesign their website and add functionality to their online presence that was lacking in their current site.

  • Client Partridge Jewellers
  • Date June 2020
  • Services Website Design
  • Role Sole UX/UI Designer

Partridge Jewellers is a leading retailer of luxury watch brands and fine jewellery manufacturing with a rich heritage spanning over a 150 years.


Project Overview

Partridge approached us intending to revamp their online presence. They wanted a modern, user-friendly website that not only showcased their incredible product line but also provided a seamless user experience for their customers.


Client Background

Partridge has a strong reputation in the high-end jewellery sector. However, their existing website did not align with their brand image and lacked the necessary features for an optimal user experience.


Our solution

We suggested that they create a new website that would run on Magento 2, a CMS (Content Management System) that can be used to create online stores and has a powerful, scalable and secure architecture.

Research and Discovery

Our initial phase involved in-depth research to understand the target audience, their preferences, and the online behaviours of luxury jewellery shoppers. We conducted user interviews, analysed competitor websites, and collaborated closely with the Partridge Jewellers’ team to identify pain points and opportunities.

Key Findings

Outdated Design: The existing website design felt outdated and did not reflect the brand’s elegance.
Limited Functionality: The website lacked essential e-commerce features, hindering the potential for online sales. It also didn’t connect customers with staff in a seamless way through the website.
Difficult Navigation Partridge had a lot of different categories that had been added to over the years. The navigation was not intuitive and users found it challenging to explore the product range which impacted their overall experience.

Our Plan and Process

Our plan was to:
1. Create a visually stunning and contemporary design that aligns with Partridge Jewellers’ brand identity
2. Enhance the navigation by using a mega menu that helped to create an intuitive journey for users browsing and purchasing products
3. Implement a modern e-commerce platform to facilitate online transactions seamlessly

Mega menu implementation

Our process steps were:
1. Wireframing and Prototyping:
• Developed wireframes to map out the new site’s structure and layout
• Prototyped key user flows to visualize the navigation and interactions

2. Visual Design:
• Created mobile and desktop designs simultaneously to ensure consistency of functionality and aesthetic 
Crafted a modern and luxurious visual design that emphasized the brand’s sophistication
• Incorporated high-quality imagery to showcase the jewellery collection
• Created a set of elegant icons to be used within the site
• Explored new font libraries to be used for all Partridge material
• Introduced a mega menu for both desktop and mobile applications

Store visit enquiry process

3. E-commerce Integration:
• Selected a user-friendly e-commerce platform and integrated it seamlessly into the website
• Implemented secure payment gateways to ensure a trustworthy online shopping experience
• Added functionality for customers to contact staff for products that were not e-commerce compatible

Product display details on hover function

4. User Testing:
• Conducted usability testing with a diverse group of users to gather feedback on the website’s functionality and design.
• Iteratively refined the design based on user insights


The redesigned Partridge Jewellers website successfully blends elegance with functionality. The integration of e-commerce capabilities has expanded their reach and increased online sales. Positive user feedback indicates a significant improvement in the overall user experience, aligning with the brand’s reputation for excellence.